Ian Eskelin Into Your Arms Again Lyrics

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Welcome to my big mistakes
Selfish dreams and wasted days
Welcome to the part of me I hate

I come to You with head in hands the little bit I understand
Compels me to confess my wicked ways
I wanna be the man who can't pretend
'Coz nothing's left here worth defending now

Take my life, take it all
I surrender as I fall into Your arms again
Take my dreams, set me free
Let Your mercy catch me as I fall into Your arms again

Soon enough there comes a day
When no one here will know our names
And everything we made is washed away

I'm back again with heart in hand
'cause here's the thing I understand it?s all about
The way we finally break so I wanna be the man
On hands and knees, who doesn't try to hide his poverty

Draw me down to my defeat
Let your grace wash over me
We all need redemption just the same
Let it rain

Cover me, cover me
Hold me in Your hands of mercy
Cover me, cover me
Only You alone are worthy

Written by: Douglas Kaine Mckelvey, Ian Ashley Eskelin
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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