Aaron Hall Intro Lyrics

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As we approach the current time frame of 1997
With approximately two and a half years before the year 2000
Repeatedly it has been reported that
There will be a time soon approaching
That a major disaster will be striking all levels of existence
It has also been reported that this disastrous thing will be
Approaching in the form of many, many as in squad
Squad as in Flipmode Squad

It has also been reported that everyone out of the many will strike
But this particular ************ will strike with an unmeasurable blast
That will **** up everything within it's 360 degree radius
Warning, prepare yourselves, store your food, stamp your paper
Because when this ************ gets here
It's about to get real ****ed up for everyone and everything

Well, Busta Rhymes
Come on over here and let me talk to you son
See now, Dolomite just got back from some **** that you about to be it
Well, are you prepared? I hope you are prepared *****
'Cause you know this is album number two
Yes more *****es than before
There'll be more *****es, more and more and more
More thirsty *****s, tryin' to get inside your ****
Tryin' to throw your whole chemistry off
Oh yes, there's gonna be a lot more money
Yes a lot more money than before

So son, don't you worry about none of that ****
All you gotta do is just slap your ****
In the mouth of these *****es that don't wanna act right
And put a hot one in any ************
That wants to get in the way of this powerful **** right here
Okay son, all right Busta enough of this **** talkin'
Let's be on our way 'cause when disaster strikes
There's gonna be a whole lot of ************s pourin' in
All right baby, let's go

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
Ladies and gentlemen, straight from the **********in' street corner
Goin' out to all you ************s across the globe
On the return trip, it be the *****s
The *****s that live by the code of blood honor
My Flipmode *****s
Spliff bring you that **** to another extreme
Her to hit you ************s with a strike of disaster

I bring on to you once again
The eight wonder of the world
My ***** Busta Rhymes, yeah
And I be that *****, that live ***** Spliff I Spliff
Comin' through right at you were ever the **** you at
Flipmode is da Squad comin' through right at you
Where ever the **** you at, ah

A yo, cut my **** off, get it off
Here we go again ************s
Let's start this ****

The Streetsweeper, Volume 1 Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 I Never Liked Ya
  • 3 The Streetsweeper
  • 4 50 Shot Ya
  • 5 Get Shot the Fuck Up
  • 6 Everybody Wanna Shine
  • 7 Too Much for Me
  • 8 Purple Haze
  • 9 Freestyle
  • 10 The Champions
  • 11 7 Deadly Sins
  • 12 New Jack City
  • 13 Westside Driveby
  • 14 I'ma Smack This Muthafucka
  • 15 Angels Voice
  • 16 I Got U
  • 17 Take a Look at My Life (remix)
  • 18 Coast to Coast Gangstas
  • 19 Nino Brown
  • 20 Put That Thing Down
  • Artists A to Z: