Tangled Thoughts Intro Lyrics

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Dillinger...(ssssss Young Gotti)
Yeah (its been a long time....ya know what I mean)
(throughout the years)
(we've been puttin this mutha****in **** down)
(ridin to what we call this gangsta **** what's up)
Its a lot of *****s that stay down
But its a lot of *****s who act like bustas,(*****es) in diguise
(sucka ***)and we know ya'll, ya'll know us
But ya'll don't keep it gansta'd up Daz n'Kurrupt
I don't know about all, what ya'll think
But I know what we know
(and this is how it is so all ya'll *****s)
(betta get ya'lls pistols 'cause its goin down right now)
Man slap that ***** foe nuthin
(she ain't ****, yous a *****, day one I know)
(and I shall see throughout the streets we will live and survive)
***** check this gansta **** out....

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