Kandia Inwards Lyrics

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Step inside, let me show you what we're made of
why we need it

Go around and change the view
Twist your guts now, can you feel it?
Are you sure of who you are?
I'm not sure 'bout what we are
It's so strange that you're still here
Thought my scream would make you disappear
I guess I was wrong
Change my heart
My brain my flesh are tearing apart
I never meant to go this far
I need to find out who we are...
Inward Beauty | Outward Reflection Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Paranoia
  • 3 Into Your Hands
  • 4 Hold on to Me
  • 5 Inwards
  • 6 All I Need to Know
  • 7 Reflections
  • 8 Y.S.L.E.
  • 9 Love Me as I Am
  • 10 Rise '09
  • 11 Waste My Time
  • 12 Reflections (radio edit)
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