Hammercult Ironbound Lyrics

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Show them no mercy, strike them with fear
Spirits of the brave
Riding to glory, willing to die
Laughing to the grave
United by metal, blessed by steel
Skulls smashed on our way
Praised be thy hammer, never defy
The gods decide this day
Riuns in fire. Servants defiled
Iron is on our side
Bodies lay broken, banners held high
Vengeance for those who died

Hymn to the steel
Splendor of magic and might
Stained in blood
Anguish for all those who died
Iron will
Forged within fire and ice
With our names
We are the cursed - Ironbound
We're Ironbound
Wrath in my voice and hate in my eyes
I have more blood to spill
Blessed be the creed, oath of the wolf tribe
Hungry for the kill
The scars on my body, adorned on my flesh
A small price to pay
Living for honor, slay for the truth
Born to die on this day
Into the fire, killing as one
Soaring on command
Sound of the trumpet, screaming with hate
Make our final stand
The blade knows no mercy, killing in sight
Cutting to the bone
Righteous and holy, restless and wild
The iron takes its toll

Burn in Hell
Or die as a king

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