Abdel Wright Issues Lyrics

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Countless of times when things were rough And nothing but the heat Chances of jobs delete I remember well a point in time I had nowhere to sleep My issues and the streets. The other day I had my last $30.00 in my empty pockets I wanted to buy something to eat to kill the hunger Then I remembered that my guitar needed two stings That were broken I prefer to feed my soul. Chorus How many mountains do we have to climb? How many rivers of tears to quench the pain? How long is the journey It seems so endless But I have to hold on, hold on. Religion has been a stumbling block It haunts me everyday Will I ever clear this way? I'm man enough to let you know at times I'm skeptical of that man called Christ Even though he gave his life. How can I survive in a church, a refuge for my soul? When the livity unfold is different from the word being told How dare you justify your wicked ways With quoting from the scripture? You're the better, worse than anything else. Chorus repeat… Unfortunately, I've been stereo
typed on how to treat a woman I'm a product of a one night stand If you happen to be my father And you're listening to my song You're damned outright and wrong. My mom was just a sick woman She lost her mind at twelve But you chose to satisfy yourself. I lost a woman that I truly loved Although I hardly knew My anger grew and grew Chorus repeat…
Abdel Wright Track Listing
  • 1 Quicksand
  • 2 Loose We Now
  • 3 Dust UnderCarpet
  • 4 Reuufest Times
  • 5 Human Behaviour
  • 6 Babylon Wall
  • 7 My Decision
  • 8 Paul Bogle
  • 9 Strange World
  • 10 Issues
  • 11 Main Street Kingston
  • 12 Troubled Waters

  • Written by: Abdel Wright
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