Tech N9ne feat. Alan Wayne It Was an Accident Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
I was chillin' with a bitch and I was noticing she was so sadistic
Wanted the Nina to bite on her nipples and twist it
Sucking me off until she lost all of her lipstick
You know how it is when you X-in on like 7 of 'em
With a stick of Sherm and Adderall nigga had to love 'em
Cause they get you lifted and thinkin' you unstoppable
But what I'm 'bout to tell you is so fuckin' impossible
I started givin' the bitch my dick
She loving the way my jimmy be jabbin' it
Wanted me to cut her up I said never
She said imagine it with the tip of her butcher knife
I think I took her life
This crazy hooker like pain then I put her right
Fuckin' high and it's insane how she look at life
She wish a nigga had fangs and he took a bite
I'm beatin' it up but it ain't what the pussy like
The pussy like to be banged like it took a fight
Then she asked me to smack her
Then she asked me to choke her, so I choked her
As a nigga got closer to the nut I choked her
Even harder when I rose up out of the chocha
She wasn't breathing, a horrible evening
Couldn't get her to breathe I really tried to
Did all I could but it wasn't all to the good
So I had to call the ambulance over to come to revive her

[Hook: Tech N9ne] (x4)
It was an accident
Ha ha ha, oooooooooo

[Bridge: Tech N9ne]
I don't be findin' trouble, it be findin' me (x4)
Em 'nidnif eb ti elbuort 'nidnif eb t'nod I (x4)

[Verse 2: Alan Wayne]
Shit I was only 16, just showing off
Never would have imagined the gun going off
I was just trying to show these niggas that I wasn't soft
I stayed at 52nd street so that's what all these niggas thought
Cause they was from hilltop, where niggas pill pop
So I'm pulling up to the chill spot with the steel cocked
Still not, sure what I was thinking, and back then I wasn't even drinking
So I'm leaving Lincoln High School off Woodland
Headed to the hood to out wit all the hoodlums
Couldn't wait to show him what I was packing
Knock on the door he answered like "Whuuss Crackin'!?"
I said, "Shit, just chillin', just me and my bitch"
"By my bitch I mean that 450 sittin on my hip"
"Wanna see"? He said "Yeah, let me see"
I pulled it out and gave it a good squeeze
I didn't know it didn't have no safety
Now this man is hit in his chest and he can't breathe
Devil on my shoulder whispering "Leave, nigga leave"
But I swear

[Hook] (x3)


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