Kaboose It Went This Way Lyrics

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From Ten Thousand Lakes to the streets of the west coast
From my birthplace to a single parent home
I roamed from residence to residence in search for evidence
But found none but a fatherless son
Trying to adapt to the crash that only just begun
Life was bittersweet but I was left undone
My mom got remarried so I thought this might be it
I crossed my fingers like a kid on Christmas
Hoping for a gift in a stepdad but was living proof
To the truth of verbal and physical abuse
Seeing the tears in my mom's eyes there's nothing I could do
I wanted to escape to a place where we were safe
So my mom packed up our things we moved away
This is my story and it went this way

We moved back to Minnesota amongst family and friends
Through my adolescent years and then high school began
See I was into sports from way back in the day
It was baseball and football when we lived in San Jose
But it changed to basketball with the quickness
We seemed to click and yes I was with it
I had hopes and dreams of one day to go far
Little did I know that I would be scarred
Mild heart attack, 17 years old
No rhyme or reason, that's how the story unfolds
I graduated high school and went away to college
But moved back home, I was sick of the nonsense
Partying, living it up, I fell into depression
Ready to give life up from unlearned lessons
I fell to my knees and prayed to God who made me
I asked Him in my life and He saved me
It's been a long journey and I truly know that
I learned so much from my throwback
My mom cared so much, she would never give up
She stood in the gap and showed me what love was
It's amazing, I have a beautiful wife
And two boys I'm raising, they're the loves of my life
Always by my side no matter where I go
They support my music and pray for my shows
And when I get back home, it's so blessed
Nothing can replace the time we spend
When one journey stops another begins
So I can't pretend this is where my story ends
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