Saint Vox It Won’t Matter —Kaze no Toorimichi— Lyrics

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It Won't Matter -Kaze no Toorimichi-

I'm back in the madness
A martyr of midnight
I'm searching for rhythm
I savour the twilight
And the rain's****ting hard on the roof
And my thoughts are beginning to wilt like flowers

(It means nothing to me)

I'm a violet sunset
A next-gen soldier
I son't want to forget
I wanna to be stronger
There are footprints you've left on my life
Conversations I want to relive those hours
I need to believe
One by one eye to eye
Heart to heart I only try
Cause on day it won't matter anymore
Day by day night by night
Time to time I know I'm right
That one day it won't matter anymore
My dreams are florescent
My hopes are mute
I'm imagining heaven in a c**ed up hue
In this kingdom of have or have not
I'm pretending you're all that I've got
But you don't matter
Don't matter at all

[repeat Chorus]

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