Tammy Trent It's All About You Lyrics

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You say that forever without me
Is what led you to lay down your life.
You've shown me your love knows no boundaries,
And my life's worth the highest price.
So, I pray this world sees you
When they look at me.

Cause' it's all about you;
It's not about me.
It's all about living life
So you're all that they see.
Without you, oh, where would I be?
I give you all the glory, Lord.
Believe me, it's all about you.

You say that you love me like family;
Much more than words can describe.
You've showered your grace all around me,
So, how could I hold onto my life?
Oh, I pray you understand
This is straight from my heart.


Loving you with all my soul
From now til' my final day.
I've found my life in giving it away.

Oh, I pray you understand
This is straight from the heart.

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