Dom Kennedy Johnny Bench Lyrics

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We could get it done
We could get it done
I told her, head west where it's real hot
I'm good on champagne right now, only chill shots

You callin my phone like every other hour
Like when I get to LAX, come pick me up
Hop out fresh they amazed
Frankie Beverly and Maze
Just a west side nigga tryna live it up
You got girls in the city huh..
You got girls in the valley right...
Let them other boys press you
She be on me far away like a satellite
I say what's real you ain't gotta lie
Told her it's a five hour flight I ain't tryna Skype
Never did the army, got all kinda stripes
Type you bring home low key In your mama's life
Two drinks down and they ready for the next
Got the apple, blue Dot, and the whole crew hot
Janet to my 2Pac, at the tattoo shop
Slides and my tube socks figured out a new plot
I can see you right beside me
Ride from the jump and it really don't surprise me
Still get the number if she don't recognize me
Let's listen to the haters as they disappear quietly

Lookin so official
Lookin so official
Lookin so official
Lookin so

Gettin paid just to toss words
Silk shirt on Lookin like you toss birds
And we still play mossberg
Just make sure you go hard when it's y'all turn
If it's real tat my name on ya'll chest
Smash down Van Ness she like how I dress
I seen what she rock, wasn't that impressed
Imma stick to weed gotta do what suits me best
But, pour up, don't get your lips swolle up
If you off that jack Daniels, and Coca Cola
I always got a soulja with me like I'm in the 'Nolia
Damn half the bottle gone in my hand and I'm sober
Girl to me you are a baddie, body look like candy
I don't give a fuck what you wearing, you could have me
Yeah I'll take you home with me tonight, I'll say gladly
She woke up in my number 5, Cincinnati

Lookin so official
Lookin so official
Lookin so official
Lookin so

Dial 1-800-lin-em-up
Call it right now if you fine as fuck
All we really hear from are dimes and up
I need my own Angels...
Sorry Charlie get ready for the drumroll
Everything OPM when you come home
Size small t-shirts that's what's happening
On my birthday she killed it with the black one, damn

Lookin so official
Lookin so official
Lookin so official
Lookin so

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