Nancy Boy Johnny Chrome and Silver Lyrics

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A cyberpunk mod
His fashion is God
Alone in the yard with a bullet proof case
On the bullet train
In the acid rain
The papers
They all call him insane

La la la la
Johnny Chrome and Silver

On his coffee cup
There's a picture of Max
A call on the fax
They're phoning him from Rome
When he's not on the street
He pays for the heat
He's just a Jeep Boy
Searching for a Tank Girl

La la la la
Johnny Chrome and Silver

Darling when we woke up
Why'd you leave?
When we were together life was fair

Now he and Tank Girl
They've stolen the loot
The Face on Beak Street
He's buying a suit
A platinum man
Who likes S&M
He travels the zone
All alone

La la la la
Johnny Chrome and Silver

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CD 1
  • 1 Gender Bender
  • 2 New Attitude
  • 3 Johnny Chrome and Silver
  • 4 Welcome to My World
  • 5 Mr Euro
  • 6 Insecurity
  • 7 Man Inside Your Brain
  • 8 It's Hard
  • 9 Are 'Friends' Electric?
  • 10 Roman Emperor
  • 11 Oblivion
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