Madchild feat. Sophia Danai Judgement Day Lyrics

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Hook: (Sophia Danai)
Everybody's running with their heads down
Listen to countdown
Like it's judgement day!
Stepping on each other like there’s no ground
They're gonna find out
On judgement day!

Yeah, I'm from Van City
That's the city of rain, I'm from Van City
That's the city of pain
My girl is damn pretty, and I am really insane
And that's a damn pity,I mean, it's really a shame
Cause she's down for me
But I'm complicated like a Rubix cube
Without my girl I'd probably make a lot of stupid moves
Without my family, I'd probably wouldn't be here
I'm dope, but I quit doing dope
Now I see clear, I see clear as day
Can I hear a hey?
Now, I'mma smile it when I look into the mirror
(HEY!) I'm walking to the light, throw your fear away
(HEY!) No more screaming, tell the demon he gets zero play
We Don't need a lot of money, homie we're okay
Fresh whip, nice crib, homie we're OK
Back home, feels great, had to relocate
Thank do, thank you. I'll be here all day!

Hook: (Sophia Danai)

Just last year, I was in a dark place
Going fast about to crash, like a car chase
Every time I saw a cop, make my heart race
Cause every friend I had thought that he was Scarface
My life was spinning out of control
Undoubtedly too proud to know how to be told
They shout at me loud, til I was out in the cold
Five years passed, I don't know how to be old
Now I'm faced with a real and unfamiliar truce
And my face worn down from all of the abuse
Know my place, inspiration, and they need the truth
I think about the inflammation that we feed the youth
I should be dead, wouldn't say it if it isn't true
A lot of people that I know are now in prison too
Bad dreams, war scars, with the missing tooth
But everyone of us can change. I am the living proof

Hook: (Sophia Danai)

Walls are burning down
The walls are burning down
The walls are burning down
The walls are burning down
(let it burn!)

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