Cadence Weapon Jukebox Lyrics

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I was shipwrecked in Austin, Texas
You were barefoot and we were lost
I was supposed to play a party
My efforts have become exhausted
And glossed over for box soldiers
I was not here for the ride
Took my crate and made for the mainland
And you were right there, by my side but
I didn’t have the quarters for it anyway
The sixth street preachers fought for daughters in a silly way
I wasn’t really bothered cause I wasn’t making any pay
We were initially not in competition
Considered our machinery common composition
But our choice of records, direct opposition
Played them for you because I wanted your opinion
That’s when things got different so…

You get that jukebox away from me

The only jukebox I like is one that’s plugged in
Don’t like a jukebox that thinks she’s plugged in
I was just trying to make some friends
She’s in the booth to make ends
It ain’t what you play, it’s how it spins
I play the old records every now and then
But now and then, the jukebox tries to play me
Never looks for a slot so it can pay me
How could a machine ever try to replace me?
Deface me? I’ll deface you with plug nickels and paste glue
A low-lettered nickname to write on your face
You machines always try to take over, don’t you?
She came to the party with a whole crew
To stand in the middle, disband me and riddle
The floor was still moving, you just anchored it a little
I’m the captain, you’re the skipper

You get that jukebox away from me

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