Garland Jeffreys Jump Jump Lyrics

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Here comes Victor Hugo
He follows me wherever I go
I'm walking Paris streets
Talking cobblestones
Feeling like I'm at home

And here comes Les Miserables
It's one of my favorite novels
But it's so serious
Hope I'm not too rude
But I'm not in the mood

Jump jump
Let's make the great escape
All due respect to art for art's sake
Jump jump
We're gonna have some fun
For you and me and everyone
Jump jump
To the rock 'n' roll Rimbauds
Jump jump
To the poets and verse
Jump jump
To the Venus de Milo
Jump jump
To the ones who came first

Here goes the ghost of V. Van Gogh
He follows me wherever I go
We pass Notre Dame
So much history
So much bigger than me

And here comes another museum
They pass so fast we hardly can see 'em
There goes a Claude Monet
And a Paul Cezanne
And I always been a fan

Jump jump...
Escape Artist Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Modern Lovers
  • 2 Christine
  • 3 Ghost of a Chance
  • 4 96 Tears
  • 5 Innocent
  • 6 True Confessions
  • 7 R.O.C.K.
  • 8 Graceyard Rock
  • 9 Mystery Kids
  • 10 Jump Jump
  • 11 Lover's Walk
  • 12 Christine (Ballad)
  • 13 Miami Beach
  • 14 We the People
  • 15 96 Tears (single version)
  • 16 Escape Goat Dub
  • 17 Hail Hail Rock 'n' Roll (album version)

  • Written by: Garland Jeffreys
    Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Spirit Music Group, Downtown Music Publishing

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