Above the Law Kalifornia Lyrics

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Yeah... want to give a shout out to all my niggas out there
In the westcoast... on the westcoast...
Yeah... yeah... uhh...
Yo... I got to give a shout out to pomona...
Got to give it in south central, watts, compton, long beach
But for now... KMG won't you spit... spit... spit... for em

Mothafuckas don't get mad
Cause calis kinda fly
We be the gangsta town
The niggas that like to stay high
The land of big diamonds ya'll
Palm trees lowriders and moviestars
Where fools be mobbin with the real
Original where jackin is an art
Punk niggas get they caps pilled
And the hoes ain't scared to show they bodies
They wear the fly shit and freaks the set parties
Gave it up and the hoes wearin baggy shit
They the world why niggas got'em pussy whip
They got niggas goin to pins got niggas stealin
For friends for foes for shows and more hoes
Cause it costs a grip to live on the westcoast
Cause we be flossin
We leave the world a commadose
It's all about the paper here
So hear my dear
So roll me up a little chronic
Cause LA got the byonic

See ya got to have hot
To live in cali ya'll
You got to have the fly shit
To live in cali ya'll
It's gonna cost you a grip
To live in cali ya'll
Ya see the hoes be legit
When you live in cali ya'll

They say it never rains in southern california
That's what they tell me
G's with the big bank
Livin it up just to be a hoe player
All westcoast californ
We got them runnin in flocks
Now freddies dead
But the
Got you hit to the dope spot
And like KMG
They said them hoes be trippin
Cause bitches be settin a nigga up
When you off flossin
Still tossin
Yeah I'm bout to make bread
Wake up in the mornin
Found a mothafuckin bullet in my head
But it's alright
If yo games hook up tight
And in the summer time
Riders on corners
I wish you all can be california
Ya save up all
Went from slang dope
To get a fly ride
Still funkin on them switches for the bitches
This is off the west all
They call me Mr flossy
Dolla dolla bill ya'll

Yeah... And that's the westcoast anthem cali style boy
(straight up straight up)
Yo yo... (the
Yo you want me to set it off... let me set it off for them... uhh

It's the first of the mouth
And I just came up
I'm headin to the shop to put some rims on my truck
Yeah... and you know I'm like cold on them hoes
Cause I'm rollin in a black on black 4 54
It's time for me to check my connect
So I could be on deck
Before them fiens get they county checks
I left about 11:15
I spotted this fly fly cutey
In some
And you know I'm on them gold ones
So here she come... here she come...
Here she mothafuckin kitty come
All shit it's Sabrina from cavina
I hope she don't remember that I toss her cousin tina
Uhh... she probably care anyway
Cause bitches up in cali got game for days
She needed I ride to the mail
I said stall
I got shit to do
I ain't got no time to be fuckin with you
Uhh... and plus do I look like a cab
Turn the alpine up then I slam
It was hot like a mothafucka
Headed to the store
Saw a couple little homies kickin it at the front door
They say yo... hook us up main
Bought em a 40
For me I got a tall can
I said peace
Don't be trippin little comrades
But the shit be

Yeah... cause we O hit
To bring you the fly shit
To make you feel pressure
Cause cali could test ya
Comrades still bangin
My niggas still bangin
And there's a whole lot of niggas still movin yayin

Because it's highly compatible to come up
Ya got to have hard ache
Ya got to have a lot of luck
So if I hear you sayin cali ain't shit
Yo... you probably visited the valley little bitch...

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