Tamburada Kalp Lyrics

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what you say is not what i would think at all
what you see is not what i would see at all
what you do is not what i would do at all
and when you smile it`s not because you're happy is it?
when i talk you're never really listening are you?
when i'm there you're never really there or are you?
when i'm done you always wish for more don't you?
so when i go why do you want me back or do you?
it's funny that you can be by yourself at last
to see that you can entertain yourself at last
i see you have time to do your own things now
so why sit and think of what you did that's past

i heard you got married and have twins i think
i'm glad for you because that's what you always wished for wasn't it?
so now i`m sure you know what it's like to give and not take
i bet you found it hard but you're alive aren`t you?
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CD 1
  • 1 Dolly
  • 2 Atina
  • 3 Merdiven
  • 4 Yaz Müziği
  • 5 Mavi
  • 6 Kalp
  • 7 Afrika
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