J-88 Keep It On Lyrics

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[Produced by J Dilla]

It's like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder
How I keep from goin under my seat, to get it
And uh
Niggas in the crew say I'm the bullshit
And yes I
Guess that's the reason why y'all niggas stay cashless
It's a shame to y'all to watch a... mack
And niggas don't know jack about a, cash flow
I'm sick of niggas poppin up at my crib, all unannounced and shit
Got me duckin, dodgin under the fuckin mattress and um
It's time to address these niggas that know my address
And this nigga don't take no mess, call me poppa boy
These Prince niggas always showing their ass for nothin'
Ain't never around when shit starts jumpin' off... get lost boy
And about to get that ass bust the fuck back
When the S starts to act up boy you don't know how to act
Act.. act.. act..

(keep rising to the top)
And my mind say
Keep it on
Rockin this beat wit y'all
You don't stop keep it on
You know I got the charm

Counterfeit niggas be runnin;
Tryin to take Shit or money that wasn't yours in the first place
You know how wild it gets in my wallet
You know how wild it gets
You know my money flips in my uhh, that'what my wallet gets
100 dollar it, and then turn the shit in to polish it
Cremate and tarnish it and then.. you're not a part of it
If you get caught up in this
You're just a participant
You can't claim of this or take blame of this, particularly
These bitches get stitches, son it just, gets ridiculous
Relentlessly delicious; 'til these niggas
Transform niggas, to un niggas, the anti also non-niggas
Keep on


You either love em
Leave 'em
Lynch 'em, penitentiary 'em, diss 'em
Kiss 'em
Are you eligible
To be my lapdancer, did you know
I used to be a bachelor, with a widow, who slept with a dildo
I never get sentimental when I put up enough
It's like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder
How I (k-k-k-keep risin).. pissed
Because I never had no new apparel
As a fellow member Of the mellow level
When it comes to sexual ecstasy I get a medal


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