Gallows Kill the Rhythm Lyrics

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Kill the rhythm
Smash the beat
We're gonna party 'til we're dead on our feet
We don't **** about

Say what we think
Won't stop 'til everyone screams
For one night only
There's a reason to be moving on the floor

For one night only
Leave your inhibitions at the door
For one night only
We ain't gonna flight no more

For one night only
We bring the party like no other band before
We ain't here
To ****ing fight

We just wanna party 'til the end of the night
We start the fires
And lose control
Burning down the stage at every ****ing show

To the rhythm
To the beat
Get down

Written by: Christopher frank carter, laurent benjamin barnard, lee phillip barratt, stuart leslie gili-Ross
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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