ICE MC Laika Lyrics

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I am dog.
My name is Laika.
My ambition is to be like a future astronauts
And to see more
If they dance on drive around the cars

Russia got me
They pull me into s___e
Can you imagine if you saw my little hairy face
They say I came back but it`s not sure
I am still here in s___e let me show you

help me - (3 times)

I think you are all wrong
Why did you leave me ?
I am lost in s___e, you think it so easy?
I am a small dog and you are human beings
I wanna come back home
You know what it means

help me - (3 times)
Cinema Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Cinema
  • 2 Scream
  • 3 Peace
  • 4 Gone With the Wind
  • 5 Dolce Vita
  • 6 Easy
  • 7 I'm Sad
  • 8 OK Corral
  • 9 Rock Your Body
  • 10 Laika
  • 11 Easy (extended revolution remix)
  • 12 Cinema (The Oscar mix)
  • 13 Scream (extended atomic remix)
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