Halos Land Mine Lyrics

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"Come to bed dear, it's getting late."
I want to run, but I know she'll wait. So I push and push and push until she breaks
I picked a flower and dried it up
It took years, but I made it tough
I can't stop when it's been enough, and I ruin everything I touch
Now she's found the words and they're falling out; white like smoke from the side of her mouth
"I woke today and didn't care - the same as you, so I'd say that's fair
But if you've got some fight to offer, I could still go back...
Or keep this train on track..."
I had it in for you, and the mountains that we moved
I tried shining like the joy that you once knew
"You'll explode, and hurt like a land mine."
Close your eyes, or you'll go blind
"I'll be throughly depressed if you don't come around
Write it in your chest that you won't let down."
At least now you know what to look for: a tall drink of water with that quiet allure
Come back and beg for more, and more...
"...but you've strayed from the days and ways that made it so appealing."
I tried shining like the boy that you once knew

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