Galderia Land of galderia Lyrics

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We rise with the power, we'll never surrender
Here we are one again!
The power of thunder will guide us forever
The spirit inside my friend!

I open my eyes in the morning
A new dawn above in the air
The rivers of freedom flow everywhere
The feeling grows stronger within
Slowly I wake up and realize
A beautiful face at my side
What is this place? Where am I now?
She tell me that I am the one
And suddenly I hear a sound

We call from a land, with hope in our hands
The spirit inside is shining around
All in our minds; truth, hope and light
Freedom and wisdom will, our guiding stars
In the land of Galderia!

She opened the gates and I am flowing
Into the land of the free
Beyond the stars, through the galaxy
There's no place like here to be free
Spirit of the endless Creation
A universal dream alive
Land of salavation for all our lives
For freedom and wisdom we rise
Here we are children UNITE!!

Rise, Legions of Free Men Track Listing
CD 1
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  • 2 Rise, legions of free men
  • 3 Seven stars
  • 4 Circle of illusion
  • 5 From gaïa to galderia
  • 6 Land of galderia
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