Babyland Last Ave. Lyrics

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Let’s pretend
That we all started over again
New insight erased
The folly and rage
Let’s ignore
Every sound that we made before
Like this is the first No—this was the plan
It was always meant to hurt

Progress rolled to a stop
Run out of dignity
Run out on everyone you love
Surrounded but still lost
Maps don’t account for circumstance
Chemicals, or sudden loss

I see the signs
I see the Red, red lights
Black, black skies
The burden of truth
In the form of a noose
As you hang on the line
Of our past
And the last avenue

Don’t say your different
Don’t make me the enemy

Don’t wait for a call
Don’t count on your heart
Don’t listen to me
Please, please, please
Please don’t ever leave

I used to dream
I bought belief
Some of the same thoughts
But some of the same went wrong
Now I’m stuck
Now I’ve fallen

I’ll build a fire
Find shelter
Make tools
The burden of truth
That you carry with you
As you look at your hands
And your house
On the last avenue
On the last avenue
On the last avenue
On the last avenue

(on the last avenue)

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