Unbirth Last Glare Before the End Lyrics

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Dissecting the last moments
I give new life to reassuring recalls
Memories of a world never-ending
Till yesterday
Sitting in the first line I follow each frame of the last episode
Facing a horror that withers my spirit and cages my sight I cling to my last left sensation
That total resignation that's shuttering my legs
Giving up my essence and taking my breath away
I'm counting up my last istants
I breathe ranking air
A feel of somehow palpable death
Staring at the sky I take the hand of the terminal ghost
Memories of world never-ending till yesterday
Will you ever find tears to pour, hands to hold tight ?
Such a terrible end to destroy any soul
Nevertheless all this is just humanity
Grown up moss on a sunny rock
Just the perception of reality
Do you have a god to pray ?

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