Madchild Lawn Mower Man Lyrics

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Lola, Jekyll

[1st Verse]

I'm screaming out for help
Nobody's helping me
Fly like I'm a falcon
On a balcony in Calgary
Everything I touch I turn to gold
Like alchemists
Heart is palpitating
Eating Alpo I'm allowed to be
I'm top dog now
Top of the food chain
Opposite of Mellow
Spittin' yellow, I'm blue flames
I'm the little goblin
And I'm probably pumped up
Dumb f___s don't even know
What's up I'm a dump truck
I'm still anonymous
I'm still an Anarchist
I'm still a man who's here
To mentally molest you mannequins
If you don't understand the match
Read the manifest
Smoke a rapper like Mr. Disaster did to Canibus
If you don't like it change the channel
I'll dismantle any panelist and hammer him
Until he needs an ambulance
Riding through the desert on a camel wearing camo print
Ammo will go blammo
Got you covered like a laminate
It's the abominable snowman
Stick a sword through your abdominal
Like Conan
I'm a crazy artist call me Van Gogh
Son I'll bring the Anarchy
Like I'm from SAMCRO


(I am) I'm the lawn mower man
I'm the lawn mower man
I'm the lawn mower man
Powerfully electric
With an ongoing plan [x2]

[2nd Verse]

I guarantee that I use words nobody else has
Beating rappers up so f___ing bad
I almost felt bad
Cause I am dope
It's a fact I can't help that
Slashing through these rappers
Like a m_________in' hellcat
Heavenly but I'm a little devil in a bat cave
Last 5 years Mighty Mouse was in a rat cage
Red dragon spitting fire until my face is warm
I spit lit gasoline and vomit agent orange
Older than a rotary phone
Mind totally blown
Silver Surfer I am moulded in chrome
Super Beast!
My testosterone is right through the roof
But I'm sober now
I'm Percocet and Vicodin proof
Super Beast!
I'm in a total zone
Take a shot of cortisone
Leap tall buildings and I bench press motor homes
Raining in my city and now and everything is turning grey
Goblin drinking from a golden cauldron
By a burning tray Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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