Kambrium Layer of Spores Lyrics

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Pace this road with full respect
Look behind and watch your back
Drink the air with all its spores
Stay awake or be no more
All your senses become weak
Lose your goal and you'll fall deep
Point your dead eyes to the front
Leave this place and walk beyond

Step by step you carry on
Former deeds can't be undone
Hear the rushing of the wind
The air is poison, don't breathe in
Full of spores are lungs and ears
The lamellae talk and sneer
Murmurs hold as tight as rope
No escaping with false hope

Am I losing my way
Nobody to guide me
If there is the slightest chance
I'll try to flee this trail
Only just escaped the witch
The undergrowth ensnares me

In the layer of spores
I will drown
My dreams, my hopes and my mind
Fade away

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