Backfire! Leave It Behind Lyrics

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I can't say that i'm proud of all
The things i've done in my life
I know i f___ed up i've got regrets
But i've got to move on and leave the past behind
Cause i know i can't turn back
Or change the wrong choices i've made
I just try the best way i can
To live my life a better way
Hard is the life we're thrown into
I've always had to learn the hard way
But all the bullshit i've faced in my days
Made me who i am today
Dealing with life
Gotta deal with life the best way i can
With my friends at my side
Livin' the good times
And pull myself through the bad
Hard lesson i had to learn
But f___in' up is how you learn in this life
I keep struggling on
In this constant battle between wrong and right
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