Outasight Let's Go Lyrics

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Back then everybody got a plan
Everybody got a chance
At their hollow dream
Bright lights big city
Go ahead take a step and get up on that screen
Don't start to believe everything you see you better watch your company
Cause so called friends
Start showin' colours at the end

So le let's go,Don't be afraid
Of the unknown I cannot tell

If this is real
Or really hell
Anything not nailed down
let's sell Away and not look back
Cut and paste And overlap
Any moment I'm bout to crack
with no way to glue it back.

Does leaving make it better?
Let's go, Let go, let's go, let's go
if what you say is true.
Whenever, wherever
If leaving makes it better, Let's go x4
And Count me in with you
I remember when no one cared and people just stared and doubted me
Feels like nothing much has changed except my own sanity
Can't put my finger on, What it could have been or what it had to be
huh, Its all hearsay now so when I paint my masterpiece
All that glitters ain't gold, another story gets told,
Bout an underdog trying to overcome some issue they cant get a hold,
Of, and moving right along to another sad place and another sad time
Put a quarter in the jukebox
And say goodbye to the world you thought was fine.

Someone told me about this place
We don't need a ****ing thing
Whose gon' recognize your face
No one's gonna know your name
Call me when you get the guts
Forget about whose to blame
Whenever ever you want to leave I'll leave

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