Ice Nine Kills Let's Bury the Hatchet... In Your Head Lyrics

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You sold our souls so burn in hell
You f___ing did this to yourself again
Now bow your head

You suffocated us for the last time
We paid the price for your pathetic vice
So now we're taking back what's ours:
Our name, our blood, our life, our cause

So wake up
Here's a mirror so you can see
This crooked, spineless, disgusting man
That's become your legacy
Here and now

I'm pulling all my strings I have with god
I'm hoping to find a better way
I pray the only thing I need is time to rid the world of your lunacy

You're as faithful as a false prophet
So here's a prophecy for you-
Yeah you'll remember me when your struggling to breathe

Can't you see what a monster you've become?
I couldn't watch the world through your eyes
Salvation for you is in the hands of god
So save your prayers and just beg for your life

I'm f___ing done with you
I'm f___ing done

Salvation for you is in the hands of god

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