Madness Let's Go Lyrics

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Painting the soles of our Dr Marten's white
Bowling up on Hampstead High St on a Saturday night
Black bombers, blues and a packet of cigs
The saturday nights of them early gigs

Bazooka Joe, Deaf School and Sha-na-na
Kilburn and the High Roads and we drove your daddie's car
Proto punks, hooligans and Teddy Boys
Pumpin' the fun-filled, rockin' fairground reggae noise

Let's go
(Where? Where? There)
Let's go

We flew from Camden Palace like a rocket
Didn't know where the car was going but we couldn't stop it
Followin the lovely girls in the red Cortina
Eyes poppin' like a cartoon hyena

Oh but you was drivin I was sat nav
The Morris 1000 smelt like a portable lav
The engine smokin' screamin' 50 miles an hour
Across Blackfriar's bridge and past the Oxo tower

Let's go
Let's go

Workin' all week with Barso driving the van
Filled with old lawnmowers and petrol cans
And by day just a working machine
But by night a cosmic, electric, boogie limousine

Thursday night we watch TOTP
A pre-recorded performance with the MU bods
We took them down the pub and we switched the tapes
Oh, well let's buy a round for our new-found mates

Let's go
Let's go

All the kids wanna scream and shout..

Let's go

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