Tam Tam Go! Letters for you Lyrics

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She hits me like a hammer everyday
Does she think I am a nail?
She just can't afford to buy some joy
She is burning girl

She hits me like a hammer anyway
Does she think I am afraid?
She just can't afford to play the game
She is now a naughty girl

She don't care our time together
After the last night song
And she wouldn't like to dance
While I play the tam tam

She flies like a rocket april skies
I can't a cath a breeze of her
She sings every tune I hate to hear
Does she think I am deaf?

Believe me, I'm not writing anymore
I throw my pen away
She is playing those sneaky, tricky games
And I don't wanna play the same

I wrote some letters for you
And you didin't answer, I am not feeling well

Tango time...
She won't take a chance for me
She won't steal my heart
She won't give a penny, for my thoughts
She won't steal my soul

'Cause she is a funny girl

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12" Vinyl 1
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