Garden of Delight Levitation Lyrics

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Black demonic hordes
Coming from the north
Journey against the earth
Speeding on a gathering wind
I can feel the shadows lurking
I can feel them closing in
I can hear their evil chanting
What a dream for a king
Will i lose control
Will i lose the ground?
Wash away your darkest sins
Outside nothingĀ“s real
Unveil hellish creation!
Into a world so cold
Under a blackened sky
Are we the last in line
To read the clearest sign?
Shine in all your glory
Shine your light on me
Deep down where the Devils dwell
Deep down in the darkest well
Unveil hellish creation!
In these shadows of death i march
No longer sane

Apocryphal II: The Faithful Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Infernal Psalms
  • 2 Levitation
  • 3 Angelwhore
  • 4 Afterlife
  • 5 Wintercoffin
  • 6 Pentagrams Burning
  • 7 Angelwhore - Epilog
  • 8 Deeper We Fall
  • 9 The Watchers
  • Artists A to Z: