Races Lies Lyrics

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Walkin' out the front door,
Believin' what I cannot see
Finding out that even
The lock can break the key
I've been living in a lie
To live life without you
Leaving the lies
And without a clue
While I'm packin' my things
I found some of your things
I told myself that you're still right here with me
But I was living in a lie
To feel closer to you
Believing in a lie
Was the best that I could do?
You left me only bones to pick
And break between my teeth
To suck out all the marrow and taste
The truths you've kept from me
Well, while you slept in my bed,
I'd always lay and face the wall
Thinkin' about you broken in two
Because I thought you could dissolve
Now it's a mouthful of life
I'm always spitting at you
You've leaved all of my life and without a clue
Walkin' out the front door
I'm always peekin' through trees
Finding out that even the lock can break the key
See I'm living in a lie, to feel closer to you
Believing in a lie is the best that I could do
Living in a lie I'm always dreaming of you
Living my life with the best that I do for you
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