Ana Johnsson Life Lyrics

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Made of love
Made of sin
Mayday - calling form outer space
I dive in

Here I am
Breathing, I'm a miracle
I'm on fire - I'm cold
I can't be controlled
I'm alive and I'm dead
And I'm ready for the take off

Life! Life!
Shocking irresistible
Life! Life1
Crazy unpredictable
You go Hu Hu Hu
If you want some action
Shocking irresistible

Got no fear
I feel no pain
Only blood rushing on its way
Through my veins

Here I am
Breathing, I'm invincible
I am great but I'm small
I'm a brick in a wall
I'm alive and I'm dead
And I'm ready to take off

Big bang beating a distant drum
Hear the echoes fill the night
Big bang making the walls come down
For the children of the light

I dive right in...

Written by: Joakim karl nilsson, ulf nilsson, torbjoern arne roger jonsson, jan-Erik arkegren
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group

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