Fabolous Lights Out Lyrics

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(Lights out *****s)
Its clap on, clap off in this *****
Don't let make turn off your own switch
(Lights out *****s)
You couldn't see in the daytime with a flashlight
I got my cash right so
(Lights out *****s)
I don't see nobody
I don't see nobody
I don't see nobody
I don't see nobody
I don't see nobody
I don't see nobody
I don't see nobody
I don't see nobody
(Lights out *****s)

I walk up in the spot and see tonight we have a pack house
We all in the building and its rocking like a crack house
All the sexy women wearing dresses with their backs out
My neck is usually lite up but tonight we have a blackout
Call me Tom Edison cause I'm about to light up
My head is in the cloud
Felt like it just took a flight up
They tryin' to slow me down like that sizzurp in them white cups
Clear that I'm a bubble like you shook a ****ing sprite up
I don't see nobody but I ain't going blind though
I don't see nobody stoppin' me from mine yo
We the money game
We throw up dollar signs hoe
My gun from out a town and make you change your state of mine ho


Bottles of Rose keeps finding its way to my section
And groups of pretty *****es with them light skinned complexion
Told her I'm a kill it and I use magnum protection
I just slide up in it baby that's lethal injection
I'm about that money
***** is what a fool chase
Hoes will have you tied up
***** I ain't no shoe lace
Smurkin' in my black shades
My B.B.M. cool face but I will fix you *****s
You'll make me get my tool case
I don't see nobody but it ain't my vision
I see I'm what it is and you are what it isn't
Lights out *****s, assume the position
With my eyes close I see there is no competition

There Is No Competition 2: The Grieving Music Mixtape Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Eulogy (intro)
  • 2 The Wake
  • 3 I'm Raw
  • 4 Body Ya
  • 5 Body Count
  • 6 Body Bag (remix)
  • 7 You Be Killin' 'Em
  • 8 Tonight
  • 9 Lights Out
  • 10 Closing Prayer (outro)

  • Written by: John David Jackson, Kasseem Dean, Lexus Arnel Lewis, Shawn C. Carter
    Lyrics © BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC , Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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