Birdman & Lil Wayne Like Father, Like Son Lyrics

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There Aint No Love, Like The Love Of A Daddy,(Like Like Like Father Like Son)

I'm Filthy Rich With Quarter Keys In The Kitchen On 'em
The Block Is Hot But We Still Out Here Gettin' On 'em
And Keep A Cool Everytime We Hit The Streets
'cause These n____s Act A Fool. And We Be Quick To Put It On 'em
Them Tear Drops Homie We So Not..
The n____s To f___ With 'cause We Will Pop
40 Cal Keep It c___ed n____ Ready To Block
Keep The Gun A Extra Clip Homie That's How We Rock
And Like Father Like Son Daddy We Don't Borrow
We Stay On The Grind Homie Cause We Grind Harder
And f___in' With Me Homie You Won't Like
You'll Be The Next Next T-Shirt Wearin' Your Hood All Nite
We Got Them Birds Flyin' Out
And We Den Loud The Pipes
We Do This State To State Thang To Achieve The Price
And Rufus Came Home And I Told Him They Shady
But He Was Talking About That p____ n____ Back In The '80s


[Lil' Wayne:]
Birdman Put Me On When I Was Just Eleven
He Was My Teacher So I Was Like f___ The Lessons
He Was My Preacher So I Was Like f___ The Reverand
My Mother Setha She Say That I Was With The Devil
My Mother Setha Now Say That He Was Sent From Heaven
So I Take Heade To Every Single Word That He Tell Me
And I Remember What My Poppa Told Me..
Remember What My Poppa Told Me..
Young Stunna.

Yeah..I'm Out Here Homie Pitching The Game
And Yes I Do The Whole Thang
n____ Give Me My Change
Yes We Do Them Old Thangs
Out That Brand New Range
Lil n____ Like His Father n____ Doin' His Thing
We Keep The Gun For The Paper Homie Aimed And c___ed
Every n____ In My Circle Homie Ready To Pop
We Be Riding Drop Top That's Just How We Rock
And I'll Be Rollin' In The Phantom Through My Uptown Blocks

[While Chorus: Lil Wayne] Alright..Money On My Mind.
Look..I I Hear You n____s Wisprin'
I Say You Wispiring Cause You n____s Ain't Hollerin' About s___
Ol' p____ a__ n____s...
Understand Me...

[Lil' Wayne:]
Birdman Junior..f___ The World Pops
And We Goin' Keep It Movin' Even If The World Stops
Stay Strapped And Laced Like Girl Socks
Stay Dapped And Drapped Like A Birthday Cake
Birthdays Was The Worst Days
Now We Sippin On Louie When We Thirsty..Ya Know?
I Do Believe The Money Cursed Me
So I Pray To God That The Devil Don't Murk Me..Huh..
Little Wizzle but you can just call me First Place
And Poppa Told Me Paper Chase Never Skirt Chase
I Put You n____s In The Closet In The Shirts s___e
You n____s Yellow Like Sesame Street Burt's Face
Worst Case Seranio..Bury You
Two Toned Carrara..Like Mascara..Ugh
That G 4 Take Ya Boy Wherever
Like Father Like Son The Erra..n____


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