H8Machine Like a Pitbull Lyrics

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Striking out
You're within my reach
I'm full of rage
And you'll be my release
Like a pitbull
I'm out for blood
And like a mad man to me its fun
I'm standing still as your running away
Like a wolf
I'll stalk you like prey
Wrong or right it's far to late
A relentless love
Is what fuels my hate
I'm like a pitbull
Crushing bones and broken veins
I hear only silence
As I'm inflicting the pain.
My bodies tight I start to unleash
You're hoping you'd wake
But it's not a dream.
There's nothing left
So I'm walking away.
I had my fun like a child at play
All your resistance
Made you look like a fool
Cause now you're on the ground
And you just got tooled
By a Pitbull
Street justice has prevailed
In our own system of law
We are the judge and the jury
Passing judgment on all
Your way or ours
You know are sealing your fate
Unleashing all of the fury
Unleashing all of the Hate...

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