Undercover Line of Thinking Lyrics

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My thought is dehisced in two,
I don't know who I am; maybe I'm nothing,
Then, who are you?
If "You are nothing" is true, then I don't love you,
I can't love you, love being moot.

I am torn between you,
I can descend into...into this line of thinking if you let me.

I am nothing,
We are nothing,
Are we something?
Are we everything?

And what about what we do?
I mean everything that we do; is this meaningless too?
Is it random that the sky is blue?
Black, orange, umber - forget about the exact hue,
I mean, what about everything we do, absolutely everything that we do?

I am torn between you,
Can I descend into...into this line of thinking?
Will you let me?

We are nothing,
I am nothing,
Are we everything?
Are we something?

I want your body lining mine, like an intimate shadow,
If only I am canopied by you...
Yet, if you are just a shadow, my hands fall through,
Then, when I see that sun, what should I do?
Is the sun true?
Both cannot be true.

I can descend into this if you let me,
Line of thinking,
Oh, don't let me,
I am nothing if you let me,
If you let me.

If you let me.
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