Hadden Sayers Little Bit of Love Lyrics

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I believe if you give a little bit of love
to those you live with a little bit of love
has got to come your way

Well in my mind, it's easy to lose sight of the truth
But in my heart I can't deny my feelin inside


Man in the sky, you say your flying you lose sight of the world
You wanna stay high then don't deny your feelin inside.

Supersonic Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Email Lover
  • 2 Good Man
  • 3 No Tears Left to Cry
  • 4 Blasted
  • 5 Little Bit of Love
  • 6 Love Won't Let Me Go
  • 7 Better All the Time
  • 8 Emotional
  • 9 Tip of My Tongue
  • 10 Solitude
  • 11 One More for the Road
  • 12 Never Never
  • 13 Flat Black Automobile
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