Walkers Little Kitty Lyrics

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In a Jamaican night-club
Way down in Kingston town
After the show is over
There are many girls all around
Little Kitty catch my fire
Hurry up and don't be late
Little Kitty catch my fire
Would you like to try my big eight
Judge Dread stands in the doorway
Johnny Nash is holding him tight
Suzanne beware of the devil
He will get you overnight

Little Kitty......

Suddenly she's there before me
Cutest little thing I've seen
I asked her "What's your name, little darling"
"Kitty, but my real name's Irene"
Little Kitty......
A Show Just for You Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Face the Reality (instrumental)
  • 2 Lets Go Let's Go Let's Rock 'n' Roll
  • 3 I'm Your Rock 'n' Roller
  • 4 California Groupie
  • 5 Little Kitty
  • 6 Dearest Irene
  • 7 I Do a Show Just for You
  • 8 Where Did You Go
  • 9 Face the Reality
  • 10 The Nightmare
  • 11 Green Grass and Sunshine
  • 12 Sha-La-La-La-La
  • 13 High School Queen
  • 14 Fire
  • 15 All Right All Night
  • 16 Do the Yo-Yo
  • 17 My Beautiful You
  • 18 Striptease
  • 19 This Boy This Girl
  • 20 Wish I Could Give You Up
  • 21 Wild Party
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