XO Skeletons Live From Planet Death (Jock Jam #1) Lyrics

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Stomping on the graves of dead pop stars
Drinking the blood of Christ in stolen cars
Honey, peachy, flower blossoms, b**blebee
Nectar-addicted seventies-t***ttties, oh yeaaaa
And Jesus left some really large sandals to fill,
So we're just gonna walk around with nothing on,

Begging for some change in the USA
But all we ever bored is the r'n'r train
I had big city dreams of my tongue tasting p*****
Of exploding witches on a young boy's broom
Sleeping with the top of the pops again
Ending needy kids and saving prostitution
I bet hell looks a lot like Connecticut
When they douse you in urine and your hope's all wet
I said,
HEY YOU, are you feeling me?
I wanna make some history!
Devil's on the six and God is on the seven!
Blow them both to hell and we'll f*** all in heaven!
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