Ian McNabb Liverpool Girl Lyrics

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She's a Liverpool Girl, she likes her crisps, she likes a drink, she likes to think she's
Headed somewhere better then the place she is
She's a Liverpool Girl, she loves to dance, she's always got an answer for the
Immature dweller of the chip-shop door
If it seems she's over-zealous, don't complain you should be jealous
No-one else can love as well as a Liverpool Girl, Liverpool Girl
Liverpool Girl, never shy, always look's you in the eye
You have to know, it's do or die, where this bird'll fly
She's a Liverpool girl, she'll take you home, she'll keep you talking on the phone
The football gets her going on a Saturday
She's a Liverpool girl, she's got a plan, she wants to move across the water
If she can find a man with cash in hand
Don't she look just like her Mother, strangely nothing like her brother
Look out kid here comes another Liverpool girl, Liverpool Girl
Liverpool girl, goes to Cream, takes an E and lets off steam
She's dancing under laser beams in silver jeans
Likes to hang around musicians, all her girlfriends are beauticians
Full of wit and intuition, Liverpool girl, Liverpool girl
Liverpool girl, very loud, hard to blend into the crowd
Her old man says she's in the clouds (he's very proud...)
She's a Liverpool girl, don't wear a coat, the laughter from her golden throat
Can't be heard from the Irish boat, my Liverpool girl
Liverpool girl
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