Sylver Livin' My Life Lyrics

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I'm no longer frightened
no more sleepless nights
no more bruises on my soul
troubles out of sight

I have no more sorrow
no more search for light
got my train of inner thoughts
back on the tracks of life

Livng my life, again
living my life again
swept away by the wind
i've changed
taken time to rearrange

Little Things Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Livin' My Life
  • 2 Why Worry
  • 3 Shallow Water
  • 4 Wild Horses
  • 5 Confused
  • 6 So Afraid
  • 7 Weeping Willows
  • 8 Never Ever
  • 9 Heal My Heart
  • 10 Little Things
  • 11 [silence]
  • 20 Je ne sais pas (Turn the Tide)
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