Babyland Logans Run Lyrics

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Lost in the flight
Stretched out stiff and cold
Our breath finally fades
Amid the fear vain choices are made
And then you run
With no escape
Screaming help through the circuits
Buying time (yeah, right)
As if you could
Do you think that it's worth it?
Nature destroyed for eternal life we'll never have

We're not machines
Life and death
No guarantee
There ain't no spare parts
Fleshy beasts
One chance
One brain
One heart
All I want is a purpose
All I get
The paradox
Manufactured lies
You don't believe so you purchase
Just keep me alive
Follow your instincts
You surrender
But at least you're not wasting your time
Like a Rubik's cube
It's all full of s***
We're going to die
Followed my instincts
I surrendered
But at least I'm not wasting my time
I won't be like you
I'll remember the truth
We're going to die
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