Game Theory Look Away Lyrics

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They say it comes to you
Like a light in a dark blue night
Irresistible, too clean and too bright
I tried to sleep it off
And I tried to hate it off
And I don't want to wait
I, I just don't want to wait

Every morning another darkness falls
Holds me gently but it won't let me go
And when I say I want to get away
I mean I want to get away
Well, shine the light, shine the light
I won't look away, won't look away, won't look away
I won't look away, oh no

Lolita Nation Track Listing
CD 1
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  • 2 Not Because You Can
  • 3 Shard
  • 4 Go Ahead, You're Dying To
  • 5 Dripping With Looks
  • 6 Exactly What We Don't Want to Hear
  • 7 We Love You Carol and Alison
  • 8 The Waist and the Knees
  • 9 Nothing New
  • 10 The World's Easiest Job
  • 11 Look Away
  • 12 Slip
  • 13 The Real Sheila
  • 14 Andy in Ten Years
  • 15 Watch Who You're Calling Space Garbage, Meteor Mouth
  • 16 Where They Have to Let You In
  • 17 Turn Me on Dead Man
  • 18 Mammoth Gardens
  • 19 Little Ivory
  • 20 Museum of Hopelessness
  • 21 Toby Ornette
  • 22 All Clockwork and No Bodily Fluids Makes Hal a Dull Metal Humbert / In Heaven Every Baby Elephant Wants to Be So Full of Sting / Paul Simon in the Park With Canticle / But You Can't Pick Your Friends / Vacuum Genesis / DEFMACROS / HOWSOMETH / INGDOTIME /
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  • 24 Choose Between Two Sons
  • 25 Chardonnay
  • 26 Last Day That We're Young
  • 27 Together Now, Very Minor
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