Palehorse Look What Pale Horse Has Done to Me Lyrics

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Bruises come up atlantic-coloured
Ships are sunk by the shit I've swallowed
Vultures drawn to that soiled crib
A thieves guild singing praise to acid
I got through these past few years
By adding up what you cost me in tears
Reason haunts you like a ghost
Parasitic, needing fresh host
Made to suffer your sharp wit
Your voice's tone reeks of horse shit
For your trouble to this tune
Please accept this gaping head wound
I don't think they'll be back for me
I must admit I'm feeling poorly
All the insight that I've gained
By pulling gently on these reins
Please let me get back
Those senses of mine that were attacked
Please, I'm on my knees here
Praying I don't get bleeding ears
Please let me sing any song
I don't want to be alone anymore
Please, please....

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