Fading Colours Lorelei Lyrics

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Across the water
Lorelei - singing

You're falling for her
Lorelei - wailing

Sailors have been known to drown
Since the ancient times
Still they can't resist her voice
Calling from this island

No one ever could escape
From a sweet desire
No one ever could survive
A spell cast by a siren

Queen of the tide

Waiting for you

Wants you to die

Beckoning you

Sail past by
Save your life

Sail past by this island

Sail past by
If you can

Sail past by...
I'm Scared of... Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 In This Garden of Mine
  • 2 Clean
  • 3 Enchanted
  • 4 Lorelei
  • 5 Still
  • 6 Hypocrisy
  • 7 Eveline (original version)
  • 8 Eveline
  • 9 The Visitor
  • 10 Strzeż Się Tych Miejsc
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