Baby Lemonade Lose You Lyrics

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A tear in an old man's eye
A glass raised for the new
Comes a time when all the years you've spent
Are better to forget
Place me above your light
If that's something you can do
Every night I almost start to pray that
You don't go away
I don't want to lose you
Don't want to have to choose to
Settle into a single life
Something that I won't do
It's gonna take me a year
To break these chains
And swallow our remains
At least I'll get old in time
And lose everything I knew
I could start to let my mind replay
Those scenes of yesterday
Time slips away and reminds us everyday
Now you're feeling older
You live with all the ghosts
That keep you up the most
How can you sleep tonight?
Can't let the heart tell lies
The love will never stay
And please believe me when I say
Love walks out on broken legs

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