Tom Russell & Iris DeMent Love Abides Lyrics

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Look how far we've come
Do we know who we are?
Stranded on a mountaintop
Trying to catch a falling star
Here's to what we've left behind us
Here's to what we keep inside
May the road that lies before us
Lead to a place where love abides
I went walking with my darling
Through the early morning frost
Saw three crosses on the roadside
Where three young souls were lost
She says, "They're flying with the angels
Jesus took 'em for a ride
High above the Rio Grande
They found a place where love abides"
You might cross your burning deserts
You might walk your path alone
And a sudden storm may blind you
Shake your spirit to the bone
Seeking shelter for a weary heart
A place to rest, a place to hide
Then somewhere down your troubled road
You find a place where love abides
Our people came across the water
With their fearful untamed hearts
Standing on a foreign shoreline
They prayed for a brand new start
Then hand in hand across the mountains
And the raging rivers wide
They reached the distant ocean
Or found a place where love abides

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CD 1
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