Tom Russell Love Makes a Fool of the Wise Lyrics

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I was always running scared it's true
I was always running back to you
Running never takes you home
You're running wild and all alone

And lost you pay the cost
You held my heart right in your hand
You always seemed to understand
I played it right I played it wrong

I played around with love too long
And love's a game that anyone can lose

Love breaks the rules
A kind man turns cruel
What begins a dream will end a lie
Love makes a fool of the wise

Old friends don't seem to hang around
They whisper that she's leaving town
They say that I was cruel
They say I played the perfect fool
A fool who never learned the ways of love

[Chorus: x2]

Love makes a fool of the wise
Midway to Bayamon Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Wise Blood
  • 2 As the Crow Flies
  • 3 The Lady Loves the Gambler
  • 4 Listen to the Heart
  • 5 The Dance
  • 6 Mezcal
  • 7 Amelia's Railroad Flat
  • 8 A Cajun Lullaby
  • 9 Heartland
  • 10 La GaluĂ© (The Glutton)
  • 11 The Road to Bayamon
  • 12 Home Before Dark
  • 13 Navajo Rug
  • 14 Love Makes a Fool of the Wise
  • 15 Joshua Tree
  • 16 Juarez, a Polka Town
  • 17 Common Strangers
  • 18 The Definition of a Fool
  • 19 Denver Wind (demo with Nanci Griffith)
  • 20 Follow Your Heartbeat
  • 21 Whistlin' in the Dark
  • 22 Lights of Oslo
  • 23 Honkytonk Heart
  • 24 U.S. Steel
  • 25 William Faulkner in Hollywood

  • Written by: Thomas George Russell

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